Made my day

So my day this week started like any other! Crazy! I spend most of the morning asking the girls to do things more than once. In the meantime, my little Tornado Finn is running around the house making a mess in his wake. I figure I will clean it up when I get home from work and they are back in bed. I have lost my keys (not unusual), I am trying to find my security pass (not unusual) and eventually we are up and out the door. We get to school and I have a few things to do at the office so I rush them inside. The girls have gone off happily and where is Finn. He has found a basketball and is kicking it down the corridor, yelling and screaming happily. Eventually I secure him and we return the ball and head back to the car for the second drop off. This one is always a little harder as he wants to stay with mum…. Finally I am released from his grip and I make a run for the door. If I turn around I am a shot duck. I will give in to his tears and go back and give him a cuddle, so I keep my head down and make my way out of there. FAST!

At last I am in the car and on my way to work, when I get a text. I am pleasantly surprised when I see a message from a beautiful customer of mine showing me a screenshot of Instagram. There are my blocks arranged next to a gorgeous Bow Board. This photo was posted by the gorgeous Candice Warner (she is such a beautiful mum). This totally made my day. I am very lucky to have the Australian Cricket Association as one of my loyal customers. I get an absolute thrill when I get their emails asĀ another fabulous cricketer has had a precious little one. Still pinch myself they will have a set of my blocks in their little nursery.

My day of Crazy has been turned around, now it’s a day of reflection of how lucky I am to have the time to make beautiful things and that some pretty famous people are getting to enjoy them..


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